Nail Treatments

Una Donna Piú offers a full range of luxurious nail treatments, from traditional manicures all the way to soothing Mediterranean spa pedicures. Ask about our seasonal specials, like our papaya-honey mask or our “Zabbaione and Frutti di Bosco” treatment, to add an extra special touch to every manicure and pedicure. Indulge with a strawberry-sugar scrub, Avocado Maschera, or our pedicure containing flowers, fruits and oils, and leave our salon feeling absolutely decadent.

Your delicious treatment will begin with an invigorating exfoliating scrub of your hands or feet to cleanse and remove all dead skin cells. Next, a nutrient-rich mask is applied to draw out any lingering impurities. The mask is removed and your hands or feet receive a deep massage utilizing aromatherapy properties to increase relaxation. This is followed by an ultra-softening paraffin treatment to help nourish and protect. Finally, you will receive cuticle care, nail shaping, and the application of the polish color of your choice.