Natural Hair Extensions

Can you imagine having long and voluminous sexy hair in less than two hours?

Consultations are complimentary!
Today, thanks to these three great companies our clients can achieve the hair they have always desired in a matter of hours! Length, volume, dramatic or subtle color highlights or lowlights, all of these can be achieved with any of our three natural human hair extension systems!

Great Lengths:
100% human hair extensions, strand by strand application attached to the client's hair by fusion of a protein-keratin bond, a structure very similar to that of natural hair, which does not damage hair, does not create any tension or weight on the hair and stays in the client's hair for up to 6 months, depending on the care given. The removal is done with a special gel that dissolves the bonds, only done by an expert.

100% human hair extensions, warm or "flat ice" systems available in our salon exclusively for our clients. Also attached to the hair by fusion, with a protein-keratin bond that does not damage the hair and does not produce any weight or tension to the hair. Extensions guaranteed to stay in the client's hair for up to 6 months depending on the care given. Removal service is done with a special gel that dissolves the bonds, only done by an expert.

Dreamcatchers by Paris Hilton:
Today, it is easy and affordable to have the beautiful hair celebrities have on the red carpet. Also 100% human hair, attaches to the client's hair with micro-cylinders made of aluminum, less damaging to the client's hair, these extensions are re-adjusted by our experts every 4-6 weeks and the hair can last and be re-used for 6-12 months depending on the care the client gives to it. After the 12 month period, then the extensions are completely removed and re-applied, using new hair. We bring our clients only the best the hair industry has to offer. This system is a one-salon, one-zipcode system and our experts were trained and certitified to bring our clients the hair celebrities are using!

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*Una Donna Piu also offers Jessica Simpson's and Ken Paves hair pieces, as well as Rachel Welch wigs and pieces. (If your colour is not in stock we match the colour of your hair and order it)