The World of UDP

Una Donna Piu redefines the meaning of elegance in Winter Park. The luxury of an old-world European Spa intertwines with the latest technological advances in hair color and styling to create a relaxing environment, where you know you'll receive the highest quality of care. Sabina Guerriero the salon's owner, has been a top stylist for over 40 years. Her long and successful career in the world of hair and beauty includes some of the most glamorous and beautiful faces on the planet. She's known internationally as an expert on hair color and styling. Her experience and flair for creating new trends have garnered her numerous awards, and her reputation of being the best in the business has kept the chairs of her international salons books for weeks in advance.

Sabina Guerriero, along with her staff are always on the search of the latest techniques and most exclusive products for their clients. The main reason why they attend hair and beauty shows every year is to ensure only the best products and treatments for their client's hair will be applied. "Our two hair extension specialists dedicate their skills to some of the best hair extension systems in the industry. They offer our clients different options in hair extensions to cater specifically and individual to their hair type, texture, color and desired look. "SOCAP and Hair Couture are the companies used by our specialists" says Sabina. Complimentary consultations are offered so that the best systems for each client is determined. SOCAP Hair Extensions particularly have proved to be vanguards towards fashion, and their clients needs. Apart from their regular 100% human hair extensions, they are introducing "extensive" a new adhesive extension system, which defers from bonded extensions in that they are sealed with a special iron instead of bonding with a keratin bonding tip. These can be easily removed by a SOCAP Hair Extension specialist. These extensions allow for different lengths, volume, texture and color services at any time. They last longer than clip in extensions but are not as permanent as bondage extensions, which last anywhere from 4-6 months. So if you ever wanted to change it up, or always dreamed of having long and beautiful hair give them a call at 407-628-4555 and schedule a complimentary consultation.

Una Donna Piú specializes in straightening system as well, they swear by the revolutionary Global Keratin, which they have been using for the past 5 years, the Global Keratin transforms the hair without any chemicals, taking the hair back to its healthy and shiny state . This treatment is good for all hair types and eliminates all frizzes from the hair, and as clients repeat the treatment every 4-6 months they will notice an improvement in hair quality. Another hot new product specializes in improving the skins elasticity and texture by promoting collagen formation. The Micro needle therapy is an effective delivery system approved by the FDA. The effects are visible after only one treatment, it regenerates the skin without removing the dermis or damaging the epidermis. "We are 100% committed to bringing our clients only the most beneficial treatments and services because we absolutely value them".